A twinkle in the dark, a shimmer of green of light which keeps floating up and up, away from me. I’ve got a deep and very old relation with this twinkling ball of light and as it moves away from me I jump to catch it. Suddenly time stops, I’m a small kid again, my hand is closed tightly and as I open it out flies the same tiny ball of light, a Firefly.

Standing in front of me is my grandfather, he is handing a small pouch made from his handkerchief to my brother. There are a lot of fireflies in it, as always me and my brother are delighted to see the tiny glowing insects and we slowly open the bundle. Grandfather’s office lights up and he smiles.

Back in the present, I’m standing alone, my hand empty and the Firefly long gone. It is as if the Firefly was telling me that times have changed and no matter what I do I’ll never go back, things will never be the same again and I’ll have to live with that. There will be a lot of Fireflies in my life again, I may also be able to catch one again but I’ll never get Fireflies in a handkerchief by my grandfather again, no, he left with those times and now all I have are these memories, memories brought by the Fireflies.



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