We are all growing up. Some of us are just beginning the wonderful journey we call life, some have already started it, many have journeyed far away and a few have concluded it. In more than one ways we are all heading towards the same destination no matter what path we choose to get there.

” In the end the King and the Pawn go in the same box”

– Italian Proverb

In this journey, we meet many wonderful and many not so wonderful people. There are moments of happiness and moments of sadness. Then there are moments when even the most experienced of us are rendered, “Speechless.”

This small word describes a feeling which cannot be described in many ways, it shows how helpless one can get, how shocked we can be and how it feels to be at the lack of words when someone says something or asks us a simple question. It makes one powerful and the other powerless.

The might of the moment created by someone being speechless is so much that it can make us keep wondering for days or months or even years in some cases. I, myself did not realize how helpless it feels to be speechless until just recently. I was reading something in an old children’s book, I cannot remember clearly which book it was as I never even finished it.

Anyway, as I was reading the book there came a paragraph where a small child asks his grandfather all confused, what actually happened to his mother. He went on to tell that his mother had told him that when people die they become stars and watch over their loved ones but his grandmother had told him that they become beautiful angels and go to live in heaven with God. Last he told, that the priest had said told to not to cry as his mother is always with him and has gone nowhere but returned to the soil she was made from and so she is everywhere he looks. The boy’s grandfather was speechless and had told him that everyone was saying that his mother was always with him.


After reading this I was speechless too because I couldn’t believe how much a simple question like that make such a deep impact on us that even the readers become speechless. Only now did I realize that the little boy had asked a question which we humans have been asking ourselves for centuries, what happens after we die?


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