Unfortunately, Defense Is The Best Offence

It often happens that while doing certain things we put in motion things that would ultimately affect us but which were never our intentions in the first place. Common logic says that our actions always have consequences which we never would’ve thought. It is simple enough to understand, but to give you a clearer view I’ll give you an example; in a strategy game there are always two sides, say A and B. Now imagine A is offensive and wants to conquer all he can and B is choosing to just protect its area and live in peace and harmony. Eventually, as the time passes by both sides progress and keep avoiding each other but then, a time comes where there is no more land left conquer for A and the only way he could expand his territory is to conquer the land occupied by the citizens of B. When A marches to B’s occupied land to conquer it B is forced to fight to protect its people and forgo the notion of peace. The decision of attacking and protecting its own citizens has led B to make a decision to kill a many of A’s citizens which was never B’s intention in the first place.

The situation faced by B is faced by many of us in our lives and more than once. When faced with these situations we seldom ask ourselves what is to be done, can the unnecessary damage be avoided, unfortunately only in rare cases do we find a solution which is acceptable to all the parties involved. I faced a similar situation recently and the result was just plain brutal the sad part was that I had no other choice but to do what I did.

It all began when a cat gave birth to a small kitten in my garage, the thing which baffled me at first was how did she give birth to only one kitten as they normally give birth to two to three kittens. I guessed that the other kitten might’ve died or were stillborn. I only saw the kitten once it had opened its eyes and had just started to walk. Feeling pity for the cat I fed the cat some milk secretly which, if my brother or father found out would’ve been a disaster as I’ve got three moody and highly possessive dogs who simply loathe cats and kill them if they get a chance.

So I kept feeding the cat and played with the kitten whenever I got the chance and no one was around. Then one day as we all were having coffee outside in the shade the kitten playfully ran up to me and started rubbing its head against my leg. As you would’ve guessed I had to make shoo away both the cat the kitten away just to protect them from the dogs. After they went away to live in my neighbor’s house I rarely got to see them until the fateful day when I went upstairs to take a walk in the cool evening air and I saw my neighbor’s dog carrying the dead kitten in his mouth. Tears welled up in my eyes but I never said anything to anyone. Since the next day to this day, the cat comes and sits outside my window and wails like she is asking for her child or maybe she is asking why I made them leave. The worst feeling is that I cannot open the window and even comfort the poor creature, and even if I did how will I ever make it understand that I was only protecting them.



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