I was just recently breezing through my old blogs so that I could rediscover how to write with the rigor I used to. Though people rarely read my blogs I loved writing them, there was this insatiable hunger, a fire roaring inside of me which kept me going from one post to another. Today it has been more than four months since I last published an article and I just am not able to find my footing.

I’ve been reading different articles and trying to get an idea of how to be me again, how to just write what I think I should write, what I feel is right. After pondering for hours and rattling my brain I clicked the, “Write”, button at the top right corner and started writing of what happened in my life since my absence. I wrote about two paragraphs and then deleted the blog, this was repeated three times after which I just closed the lid of my laptop and went outside to get some fresh air. I took a walk around the house, played with my three dogs, gave them a bath and after having a hot cup of tea I sat again to write.

This would be my fourth failed attempt and after trashing my fourth article I thought that once you fall it is very difficult to just get up, brush yourself and start all over again. I minimized the browser as the blinking cursor was just making me angry and I started listening to some songs, this always calms me down and often helps me in getting answers to my problems and it did.

As I kept playing random songs from my playlist I clicked on, “You Gotta Make Your Own Kind Of Music”, an old song but one of my favorites. As the song progressed I found where I was wrong, what was stopping me from writing like I used to. As I was getting inspired from reading other amazing articles on WordPress I tried copying these articles in my own and left my originality in the midst. After that, I sat and tried writing again and this is it, this is my comeback, the best I could manage.

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