Out Burst!

We all have it and we all regret it. That sudden, “Outburst”, of anger on hearing something or seeing something. The problem is that none of us can control it, no matter how hard we try. Some say meditating helps, it might I personally have never tried it, maybe just didn’t have enough patience for it or belief in it.

The thing is that there certain things that triggers this burst in us and BOOM! The best I’ve been able to do to control this outburst is run in my room, push my head against the pillow and shout like hell! Something I’ve learned from the movies. To tell you the truth, doesn’t help a bit. So to calm myself I go to the closest living thing I’ve got, my three dogs. Their wagging tails, wet noses and devil may care for attitude really puts a smile on my face.

I would advise you, my dear readers to do the same and if you don’t have a pet then, then go to the person who you think would understand reason of your outburst, talk to them. They just might be helpful and be able to calm you down or else go to the kitchen, pick up the sharpest knife and stab the person who caused the outburst. Just kidding, I never said that.

I’m saying this because I just had an outburst and just dodged an ugly confrontation. So just keep it cool, “meditate”, if it helps, no mocking intended or just shout in the pillow. Alright then, I’m off to my dogs now.

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