Time To Walk Away…

In every person’s life there comes a time when you’ve done it all, given the best you could’ve and fought for something or the other with all your might, but in the end you decide to to stand down, to let things go and just walk away. You are bruised either physically or worse, mentally. The phase which follows is a bit more painful, you start beating yourself up for your failures and no consolation would ever be enough to fill the gap that it has caused, you failed and nothing turns the tide back from there.

I’m not saying that you might never be successful in any other venture you take up, all I’m trying to put out there is that please, if you’ve never gone through this phase don’t try to console the person who is going through it, your intentions are good I understand but you are only making it more difficult to face the music. Just let him absorb this failure, let him know that even the mightiest towers fall and what they leave in their wake is only pure destruction.

Nature’s rule number one: Nothing Lasts Forever, and when you try to preserve the odds are you might fail, and it hurts like hell, like a thousand knives stabbing you at once. These might sound like dialogues from a movie but it happens in real life and anyway, what are movies made of? Success stories are about men who never walked away, who stood up again and again no matter what hit them. I, I thought I was one of these men, that when a real challenge came my way I would do the same as these men, that I would stand up and fight but turns out that when the situation presented itself I couldn’t cope up with it, I lost.

The only positivity I could derive from this is that nobody is even trying t console me because I’m masquerading that’s all I’m good at and that’s all I’ve ever done. Told the world that I will do this and that against all odds, in the end I am just another shady figure walking in the gloom. The difference between them and me is that at least they could drug or drink their pain away I can’t even do that. It’s my time to pick up my bag and walk away, it’s time to walk away…


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