Single Out

The leaves rustled as I passed through the yellow woods. I was all alone, as always, never took it as a bad thing, truth be told I actually enjoy it. These woods give my thoughts a tinge of darkness, a melancholy tone. Although it’s autumn and many have written a calming prose in these woods I, don’t find them as charming as advertised.


As I pass through I see a glimpse of a deer or maybe it was a doe, I don’t know for sure. As I move further on a couple, the sort you intend to find in these, “romantic”, woods come into view. Dancing and holding hands, enjoying the beautiful background provided to them by nature. I increase my pace and enter the city, a complete opposite view is provided to me.


A scene of filth, of smog, something of a relief passes through my mind. People talking loudly on their phones, abusing their workers or maybe some relative. This shows me the true picture of the world we live in, while half is happy and enjoying life to the fullest the other half, the other half is dark and full of concentration of negativity and still I walk these paths daily to find my purpose but not an eye turns towards me, no one singles me out.



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