Scares Me…

Everytime I think about it, see around me there is this thing that scares me like hell. It literally wakes me in the middle of the night and there it is, that feeling again. What I’m talking about is very common or at least I hope it is. It is how and seriously how our parents manage to do so much for us and don’t show us how or what it took to just get a bar of chocolate for us, leave alone everything else.

How they manage to do so much with so little just so we could be at peace and enjoy our lives. I, myself am from a well to do family, actually truth be told we incline a bit towards a little to the, “very well to do”, side, no boasting intended and anyway what will I boast about, haven’t earned a penny till now just sat there taking it all, “enjoying”, life.


What I mean to say is that they, our parents forget their dreams, their needs, their lives altogether just for us and for what? We never really that we are worth it, we were just lucky enough to be born in their world. What’s more is that some of us are so ungrateful that when we grow up we throw these very people out of the very homes they gave their lives building up.

But what really scares me is that when I grow up will I be able to do half the work they’ve done, will I be half as successful in raising a household like they did? Not in my dreams, not in my wildest dreams. All I could do is try, and try I will, to the my best capabilities because that would be the time to make my parents proud, to make them happy, to let them witness the fruit they bore after their life’s hard labour.


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