That Feeling

It resides in all of us, we might know it or not but there it is, lingering somewhere in our minds, the feeling that its going to be alright. Yup I said it, no jinxes or anything, just that its going to be all right.

A big fight, the family breaks down and everyone’s out for the other’s throat, nobody talks to anyone for days, weeks even maybe years but somehow in the end it becomes alright and everything’s back to where we all started. Yes, there are always exceptions but somehow life goes on, on like a river, cutting through the land and the rough rocks and transforms into big fountains and finally meets the sea and then it all starts again.

Some call it the circle of life, but I’m diverting from the point here, what I mean to say is that each and everyone of us have or will see the rock bottom in our lives but somehow we have this tiny spark in us which says, “Hey, don’t you worry, everything’s going to be alright”, and somehow that tiny spark pulls up from whatever mess we are in and puts us back on our feet. And that’s how it is and I hope it always will be, I hope everything’s going to be all right.


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