Let’s Make This Work!

Left alone? Chose a path only you dared to tread? Did something everyone told you you shouldn’t do? Said you would do it but nw seems too hard to accomplish? Well, let me ask you something, you might be probably be right but isn’t that the very reason you decided you would do it? So let’s make it work.

And I’m not just saying it, I mean it. I know its immensely difficult to even start thinking about it but, the first step is the hardest and it will only get harder from there but when things start getting in place, when you have a grip n the situation it will get easier, it will be as if you were meant to do it. These just sounds like empty words I know but believe me.

Better yet, let me tell me you something I just did, something which will make my life hell and most probably people who are around me will be affected by it too. I was just on the verge of closing down an organisation which ran for 25 years, I just had to give the final notice and what could I do, it was running a loss, the goodwill was almost gone and and pace was a mess, but just a few seconds ago my mind wet berserk and I thought, “Ah! to hell with it, I will run it even if I went bankrupt”, just because no matter how hard life hits me I will surely get back up again and again and again.

All I’m asking you, (the people who are reading this blog), to give it all you got, get back up till there is air in your lungs, till your heart beats, till you can open your eyes, move your hands and legs and have the strength and will in your bodies to face the music and just, Let’s Make This Work!


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