Alien Emotions

Wow! Suddenly I’m feeling very happy, excited and positive and my heart will explode. Now I’m feeling worried, scared, tensed and my heart will explode. I know you can relate to this, we all can. Still I don’t know why this happens, what is it called or is this some kind of a disorder or disease and can it be cured or not?

Sometimes it makes you feel like you are the ruler of this world and can almost do anything and other times, well other times it just simply kills you, depresses you  and makes you want to crawl you under your blanket and never come out. The irony is that in both situations you just feels your heart explode and people can just tell which one you are going through just by looking at your face.

Deep breaths everyone, it’ll pass, it always does. I think this could very well be used as an example of, “Boom & Depression”, for an economics student. The problem is that teacher should understand it well enough himself first, to explain it. Seriously, I mean how can some stupid small amount of salt imbalance affect your mind so much that the very thing you love to do is the very thing you start hating the next second. Its a rollercoaster ride guys and this one has no limits whatsoever, so enjoy or be sad. Sorry, can’t help.


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