The Stranger On The Bench

Tattered clothes, a rusty cap, a dirty pair of shoes and a smile on his face was all he ever wore. Left at the steps of the town church, he had no one to go to, nothing to share or nobody to talk to. Everyday he used to go to the park sat on the corner most bench and watched while other children played with each other or their parents.

His only friends in the whole wide world were the pigeons, the squirrels and other small wild creatures that used to roam about in the park. He used to feed them and watch as they performed various acts of chasing each other, stealing each other’s food or playfully biting or crawling over each other.

Days went by like this, years came and gone, the little boy had now become a man and was helping the church as a caretaker. But still everyday he went to the park to meet his friends, to feed them and watch them. His life was simple, there was nothing extraordinary about it and he loved it. Things changed all around, he had grown old too, but he lived in his little world, with his little friends till one day as he was watching the birds and the squirrels he closed his eyes and never opened them again. Nothing changed from that day on except for they were no more birds or pigeons in the park anymore.


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