Takes Nothing More Than You.

Huh, you wish. Being alone, with yourself takes a lot of strength, mental stability and a strong will to go on and on, knowing that there will be no one else waiting for you at the end.

The best thing you could do is smile at everyone you pass by in the walk of life, masquerading that everything is just all right, that you are happy. Me, I’ve lived most of my life alone, it has reached a point where there wouldn’t be anyone who I would like to be right by my side except, my parents and brother. I had my bouts of anger and frustrations, wanting to just get up and run, never look back, even now but in time you make your peace with it. And when you do, you won’t need anyone else but you.

It will strengthened you, make brave enough to face anything that life throws at you. Nothing really ever matters anymore, its just you, your laptop in a peaceful, quite place, watching and enjoying the surroundings and telling uninteresting, day to day happenings to the world. Just like I do but, with a twist and probably better.


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