To Doing Some Good

Recently a boy my age came to live in my house so that he could study in the city. We knew his elder brother for quite some time so we gave him the guard’s quarter to stay in. At first I was not very familiar with him as, I am not a what people call, “a people person”, but his curiosity and enthusiasm intrigued me.

Coming from a village he could barely speak straight Hindi and only knew bihari language, which is native in the state. Slowly and slowly he started speaking proper hindi and was keen on learning English and wanted to know how to work on a computer. After much debate and discussion with myself I, started teaching him the elementary english and basic typing.

Today was just the second day of my teaching session and I was amazed that he went out, bought a book explaining computer basics in hindi. I agree that twenty-two years is a very short life but in all that time I had never seen such an eager learner as this kid.

He is diligent, hardworking, interested and first of all my very  first student and frankly, I am glad to have him. May the fire of learning and curiosity keep burning inside him always. And lets hope our lessons remain as interesting and fun as they are now.


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