Boom, Depression & The Straight Line

Just to be clear, I am neither talking about the economy or the heart monitor. What I am talking about is my own life or for that matter everybody’s life in general. We all go through ups and downs, but when we reach the, “flatline”, stage that’s where it gets really painful.

The boom is the part where you will enjoy every moment of your life, even the saddest parts won’t matter that much, the depression will start pulling you down and things will start to seem a little dull,you will notice the negative parts more than the positive ones, but wait till you get the to the flatline.

The flatline will make you feel as if you are in a coma. Everything will seem hopeless, days and nights will pass by unnoticed, tears will crawl down your cheeks and you won’t even blink. This will go on forever, or so it seems. But then again you will hold on to some dear old friend, your parents, a memory you cherish and you will be back on your feet for another day, for another fight, hoping you would win this time, hoping all of this will end.


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