“The Best War Is The One Not Fought”

And here we go again. Another “priest” with his “peace sermon”, trying to change the world, make it a better place. Nope. I am not a priest, actually I’m an atheist armed with all the sarcastic replies and one liners that comes with my kind. So why should I start preaching about peace? When my first aim should be criticizing religion and all who believe in the divine. I would do that, seriously it’s the second aim of my life, the first is to prevent the very people I have to criticize from dying in some stupid war caused because someone drew a line in soil.

I am just trying to meet with the minimum requirement to play my game. Call me selfish, but I have to keep you alive so that there is someone left who I could disturb with my posts and that wouldn’t happen if we all kept fighting and killing each other because a hundred years ago someone said I own this part of Earth and would slay any other human who steps here. Anyway, bad news for that guy, he should’ve looked back before stating something like that because I think humans were there before he claimed it for himself.

Now think for yourself when a war fought did better than if it was avoided and other, less “brutal”, means were opted for. “The Best War Is The One Not Fought”


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