The Beauty Of Complications

That’s right. There is a hidden beauty in everything you find is a bit complicated to do. Be it, reading something new, writing something new, playing a game or even something as basic as walking or talking. You probably think that I’m joking or have gone nuts, so here’s something for you to try – “I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won’t wish the wish you wish to wish.” While you try that, I shall go ahead and make my case that, as complicated as it gets the human mind will keep trying harder to accomplish to get it done.

This complication is the reason of many achievements in various fields of life, science, social achievements or other small day to day life achievements as well. The shocking thing about complications is that, not only does it bring out the best in us but also in other species. I noticed this when my dog was just a pup and far more energetic and stupid. He used to run along all day and sniff everything he can but, if something was out of his reach he would try to get to it again and again, from different angles and he would finally get to it by climbing onto something smaller and then jumping or some other way.

All I’m trying to say is that as difficult a task gets, the more magical it feels having it done.


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