Scared Little Children

At some point in our lives we all have been scared of something. Be it, losing our jobs, moving away from loved ones, starting something new or losing something or someone. But there is one thing that scares us and shakes our very foundations, its when someone very close to us falls ill. It’s like coded in our very bones, we’ve all been there and we can relate to it.

It may be our parents, life partners or even our pets. The thing that hits us is when these people are sick is that, if something happens to them what will we do? How can someone come back from that kind of a shock? It’s not like we have a spare mother or father or husband or wife. They come only once in a lifetime and when they are gone, nothing we do will bring them back. That’s why while we are together, we try and enjoy, cherish those moments as much as we can.

Its a bit comic I agree, but even our parents become scared when we have any kind of trouble and vice versa. The bond between two creatures, made out of pure concern is stronger than anything in the world and that’s the reason when something happens to them we become, “Scared Little Children.”


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