One Sided Cool

How does an argument begin? It’s like asking which hand should be blamed for clapping? In my long experience of arguments, some in which I was a spectator, some in which I was a participant, I found out that an argument was nothing more than a disagreement in an advanced form. It starts by two individuals discussing something, and very naturally having different opinions about it. At some point, one individual may say something that might offend the other. Now the offended individual may just let it slide through and wave it by smiling or start boiling and shouting.

This could be start of the argument. The offender might retaliate in the same way or he might apologise and end it there. Its all about keeping your mind cool as the other person burns up his blood and energy or you can do the same and lend him a hand in escalating the matter.

A small matter of, “touching my pencil box”, can end up in a detention in the, “principal’s office”, if you get my meaning. Its very difficult in the beginning not to give in and win the argument, but by the end of it we all realise that it was all for nothing and all you won was one less person you could talk to, and believe me even if you have a thousand friends you can never afford to lose one. So keep one sided cool.


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