“Innocence is brilliant”, and it is one of the most cutest and adorable traits all creatures have. It is one of the things which can melt a person when he is angriest, it can make you smile and has the power to make you cry. Everyone has at some point of his/her life, seen what innocence can do. The best part of innocence is that we can observe it in almost every creature and no one can tarnish innocence ever.

As a personal, “victim”, of this beauty called innocence I can tell you one thing about it, when you see in the eyes of an innocent being, it can render you speechless and that it can be used for evil things to, actually it can make you do things you just wouldn’t on a normal day. The best use of innocence is done by small kids, old people and pets and I’m speaking as a person who has been in all three situations.

Let me tell you how small kids use innocence. It is very simple but at the same time very elegant and graceful. If you ever notice a small child, when they want something they wouldn’t start by asking for it, instead they will hold your leg with one hand, stare in your eyes with those beautiful innocent eyes and point at what they want with the other hand. Your reply could only be one to this request, you smile, and buy them whatever they want, and its not important that the child should be yours, its the power of innocence in his eyes that makes you do it.


It’s the same with old people. You see, old people are babies with a lifetime of experience and when they are old they start acting like small babies again. They want attention all the time, they want someone to pamper them and be there to talk to them but, they never ask for any of it. Instead, they will sit alone in a room and look around, as if to say that there is no one to look after them. They will not eat what’s made and will ask for something that is not available, and we do what they want because we see them as innocent babies, same as they did when we really were babies.


The animals use it in a way that melts your heart away. I can tell you this because I have three dogs and each is a handful. They will bark when you look away, they will run everywhere and tear and play with what they can get their, “paws”, on. They will destroy your gardens, dig and run with muddy paws in and out of the house but when you scold them they will use their, “puppy eyes”, and make you forget why you were scolding them. Even while you clean up the mess they’ve made with a frown on your face, they will come and sit in front and tilt their heads sideways and watch you with those big beautiful eyes like nothings wrong and that makes you smile.


So stay innocent guys.


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