Aren’t we all? Don’t we need someone to stand beside us like a rock, strong enough to support us, to help us stand and fight. It’s coded in our very existence, since we were just a day old and held the finger of our parents as tightly we could. Scientists have found that an infant while sleeping moves his hand involuntarily to check whether someone is around them or not. Even in animals, a pup when his eyes aren’t open finds his mother through her smell. It’s amazing that even the strongest among us also need someone or something to hold on to.


It may be anybody, your parents, siblings, lover or even a pet but, there is always someone to hold us up. But what happens when someone who held you is no more there? Who do you look up to when your support has gone? When you are alone, and there is no shoulder to cry on? You fall apart. Everything around you becomes meaningless, life itself becomes meaningless and you just want to leave it all and go away, but you don’t.

You fall for some time and then hit the ground. The support you are looking for is not there and it hurts like hell. Then comes the time when you gather up all your strength and push yourself up somehow. You slowly and slowly get back on your feet and live like the strong person you are and someday, you will become some climber will stand up taking your support. Stay strong.



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