The Little Bell

I know what you do when you log in to any social media sites/apps. We all do it or have done it in the past. It’s like an instinct. We see the, “little bell” of notifications. The curiosity of knowing whether someone viewed, liked or commented on our posts etc. Its funny but all the same we do it. Like we are seeking someone’s approval or even disapproval. All we want is that the bell should glow.

We want to be in the limelight and for that we put the best of us in front of the public. The pro of this that we keep trying harder and become better with every post the con, if we all just kept running towards the stage who will be left to be the audience and often running after something has ended in failure.

Its the charm of being known in any circle of life that makes us do it, I myself have done it countless times. But what happens when someone confronts us and tells us what we are doing? We deny it. Again one of many human flaws. It comes with the package. The next question is if it will ever stop? The answer is still to be found. No worries, its not a sin to look for the, “little bell”, it’s just us and in time we make peace with it like we do with our other flaws. So, hope your bell keeps glowing…


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