The Lucky Orphans

It was always in my mind. A thought bubble, lingering somewhere or maybe hovering over my head. Now I don’t have the power to read other people’s mind but I think that almost everyone must’ve thought the same very thing, but like many things are never voiced it hasn’t been too.

To those who have no idea of what I’m prattling about, I am clearly stating that orphans have always been shown as deprived and pitied upon and these representations maybe true but they are also lucky in a unique way. In a very odd and peculiar way. They skip something which all of us have to through. Something very terrible, something that had happened to them too, but they were probably too young to remember it. To witness your own parents death.

A reality that none of us escape, a reality that we have to face and live with. One of the great, “gifts”, of life. To watch the very people who brought you in this world leave you, forever. When I see an orphan I envy him, to get past that threshold and keep on living is something everyone of us is scared of. It is a space, a gap between us and them, a gap which will always be there. All we can do is wait until we become one of them.

I am not a religious person and in reality don’t believe in heaven or hell or a divine power guiding us all, the only heaven I’ve ever known is my mother’s lap. Her hands gently stroking  my hair and saying that I’ll always be there, without even opening her mouth. The only problem is that we all know that that is not going to happen. One day I’ll end up lying all by myself, with no one to assure me that everything’s going to be all right, it will all work out.

Its like one second they are teaching you to speak and the next you are speechless, just standing there watching them going away. Each and everyone you love will just disappear, and all you are left with is a wish to join them as soon as possible. It’s sad but true nonetheless. The lucky orphans, specially the ones who have never seen their parents will never have a nightmare like this, they may have close ones but when it comes to parents, it all goes away.


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