Still In Pursuit? Always.

We always are, aren’t we? If its not money then its fame if not not fame then happiness but it is something or the other always. This need of getting something new, the charm of achieving something new satisfies us. Its not age related neither is it sex or place related, it is our nature. Economics states that needs can be satisfied but, “wants”, are unending and insatiable.

We run after many things in our lives be it, money, fame, happiness etc.some we get others we don’t, but we learn to live with what we have.This does not imply that our pursuit is over no, it only marks the beginning of our next want or pursuit. This marathon of greed is something that may make a man or destroy one. There are no runner ups in this marathon but only victors and victims.

You may see it as a gamble, a gamble of life itself, we all run after certain things all our lives and never get them and then there are those who have these certain things but are running after other things they might or might not get. Its the circle of life, actually its not a circle at all its an “Apeirogon”,  a shape with infinite sides. Every individual trying his own angle to be successful and prosper in life. To give an example I can use the very platform I am using to prove my point, here in WordPress there are thousands of bloggers writing something they think may attract other bloggers and it may make them known in the community.

If you see life from afar as an observer you will be astonished at what you discover, at what you see, billions of people are running  billions of different marathons, some win while some loose.


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