The Weird Things We Do

Human nature is unique in many ways. We have the ability to reason, use logic, make and do things that other mammals cannot. We also act in ways that we cannot define ourselves, like for example lying. We all lie sometimes and no one can deny it, if we tell ourselves that we know the cause of our lying then again we would be lying only if involuntarily.

Seriously, if you think about it we do things we can’t simply explain, no one can.Certain actions can be explained like forgetting titbits of information but, walking into a room and having no idea why you are there or forgetting the names of people working around you is a little bizarre but we do it all the same. There are even people who think about dying occasionally as if it were picnik, and astonishing as it may seem there is very large group of people who d this. Another weird thing is, “Daydreaming”, looking out in the abyss and your mind drifts about in another world while, the people sitting around you wonder what’s going in our mind.


These things are so mundane that nobody notices them until you actually observe them. It’s awkward and sometimes comic too, see someone laughing and becoming self-conscious thinking that they are laughing at you. Sending mails or texts and calling the person to check whether they got it or not.

But not all weird things that we do our inexplicable, like swiping a real page expecting to get to the next page as if it were a tablet or your phone. Talking inside your head, rehearsing for a big moment that might be coming up. Just standing up in a movie theatre and thinking that you’ve done something forbidden and start apologising to everyone in your eye sight. Talking to our pets and small kids in a very different and affectionate voice so as to gain their trust. And in the last walking into your friends house and feeling alienated.



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