In ancient greek mythology the titan Atlas was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. Lately the more and more I thought about that, I felt that in a way we are all like him. Daily getting up, going to work, acting like nothing was wrong and all the time holding our burdens without telling a soul. Slowly and slowly my mind went in too deep and I thought, is there anyone on this whole planet who is really happy?

I started thinking and it was just like I thought, no one is really happy or satisfied with their lives. Nothing matters when it comes to this invisible weight we are carrying around. No amount of money, fame or wealth makes this weight any lighter. I’m not saying that people aren’t happy, because everyone becomes happy but only for a short time unlike the sorrow, which is never ending.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. When this depression starts breaking boundaries people get desperate to be released from this ailment. Little do they know that this depression is something they have to cope up with whole their lives. Yes, there are medications to ease this mental pain, to rest, if only for a while but that is only a temporary solution.

As atlas was condemned, so are we. Occasionally, this depression reaches a point where people snap and harm others or themselves. Suicide is a resort which people usually take to escape from it. But, in the end I also saw people fight it, they try and become strong and cope up with it and that’s the only way to deal with this illness. We all should fight this depression, if not for ourselves then for the sake of our loved ones, we have to become Atlas and carry this burden like nothings wrong.


2 thoughts on “Atlas

  1. You are condemned if you feel so, and you will liberate yourself when you’re ready to. As for your question who is really happy? We all are. Even the ones who live in rags and tatters are. As you said, you do not need money or fame to make you happy, its all in the mind. You can find those with almost all amenities lying in the shrink’s office feeling depressed and you can find those in thatched huts giggling and singing with joy.
    Atlas was condemned not because he had to hold the sky, it was because he thought he had to hold the sky, never realizing that the sky didn’t need to be held up. Just goes on to prove you weigh yourself down by your own thoughts, your circumstances have very little to do with it.


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