The Seasons Of Memories

There are certain moments in our lives which will be with us until we are buried or burned on a pyre. Some are good and some are terrifying, but nonetheless they are with us all through our lives. But there are certain things that triggers these memories. Personally, my memories are most usually triggered during a particular time of the year. I thought that it only happens with me, but recently I discovered that is a common occurrence among people everywhere.

I observed that, during a particular season people feel very different things and at first I was baffled, couldn’t figure out why this change happened. Then I started with an experiment with the only, “test subject”, I had: me. I noticed that during the months of November and December, I felt empty from inside. Like there was something or someone missing and then I realised the real reason of this nostalgia. Ten years ago my grandfather expired in December, after a struggling for almost two months in the hospital, he was a very loving and kind person. For the first time I saw a dead body and it was astonishing but he looked very calm and relaxed.



So anyway, I found the reason why people act in a very different way, in specific season. Its not only the sad memories but good ones too that make our mind travel back to, “the past”. Like the time when I went to the park for the first time with my grandparents, it was beautiful, and it always will be.


This happens to every person, I call these moments, “nostalgic months of the year”, because your mind somehow travels back to that time and you wish to go back and live it over and over. It’s comical in a very diabolic way. You may somehow travel back and see things as they were back then, and that would make you happy but, being from the future only you would know what will happen and that will burn you from inside. So ultimately we choose the present over past because firstly,you cannot travel back in time and secondly if somehow you did, you will have a second chance to enjoy those good memories again, but the again so you will again have to go through the bad ones too.

memory illustration.png


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