The Only Constant

In nature everything disintegrates into nothing as time passes by. Everything must come t an end, living or nonliving. Only one thing survives through eternity, change. Change is present everywhere, it has been there since the dawn of time itself. It too is a part of nature and nothing we do can stop it from happening.

Since I was a little child I hated to see things changing around me, I guess I’ve inherited this trait from my mother, she too dislikes change very much. But, there is nothing anyone can do about it, instead of accepting things. In my opinion, a great many people dislike change, but the question is why?


Change is a common factor, an unending cycle through which everyone and everything goes in its lifetime. The reason why it  is disliked my many people is because change brings something new, it may be good or bad. The human mind in general feels scared and insecure of something new, it was built that way. We all need time to get accustomed to the new regime brought by change.

Its like moving into a new house, getting a new job, leaving your hometown, all this is a part of the cycle. I’ve seen people get uncomfortable if even a chair or table is shifted to a new location, and that is completely natural. Doesn’t it feel awkward when you move into your hostel for the very first time, or when you start working at a new place, it feels alienated. Your mind takes time to get used to this new regime,, to get familiar with the and the people you work with.

As an individual, you try keep things as they are, to live life as you always had but, in the nature plays it’s hand and before you know it things start changing around you, nothing you do can stop, all you can do is accept it and g with the flow.



2 thoughts on “The Only Constant

  1. Your mind must be a scary place, your thought patterns scare me. I can’t imagine a life where nothing changes. I believe we live and thrive on change. We love to visit new places, try out new cuisines, adventure sports, a new movie, new songs, new gadgets & games (Men) and new dresses & shoes (Women).
    To live in an unchanging world is akin to death. Change makes us alive. Yea we all feel a little giddy when things change, but that giddiness is not about resisting change, Its a mixture of excitement and nervousness exactly like that new ride at the amusement park. You are a bit afraid but nonetheless excited about riding the new dragon train and you feel the most alive as the train swirls through loops and passes soaking every nerve of your body with pleasure you had not experienced before.
    Don’t give in to the fear(change), jump in and fully enjoy the ride of life.


    1. I can only say one thing to that, “only the dead fish go with the flow”, I agree with you on almost every point but as far as I’ve lived, the past was always better than the future, but then again who knows the future…


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