The Ultimate Vanishing Act

Everyone is a magician in this world. They may not pursue magic as a career option, to earn a living but everyone’s got a magic trick they play in their life. This trick is performed by every living organism and each individual can perform this trick only once in their lifetime. I call it the, “Ultimate Vanishing Act”.

So what is this ultimate vanishing act? How does one perform it? And most importantly when do we perform it? I can only answer the first question as the rest of the answers still elude me. The ultimate vanishing act is commonly known as death and in the end everyone has to shake hands with it, embrace it. How and when I simply cannot tell, if I could maybe I would be considered one of the most intelligent men of this generation.

The only difference in this magical trick and the ones that are performed on stage is that, as the act is greeted with applause after performed on the stage but, death is only greeted with tears and the audience arrives after the act unlike the one performed on the stage.


The ultimate vanishing act only brings disaster and devastation. Once a person performs it, he won’t be coming back ever. This act cleans and vanishes a whole life in one swoop. All the memories, everything that person stood for turns to dust.It’s more like a tornado, once it is performed, it only leaves destruction in its wake, like there was nothing to hold on to, the only thing left is fragments of the past, nothing more.

The vanishing act is a part of nature which we all have to perform, we just don’t know how or when but in the end we all do perform it. It’s just a matter of time.




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