A Break From Life Itself

A break generally defines a short period of time a person takes to stretch his feet, eat something and basically to get some space to enjoy himself. What then does a break from life signifies? Does is it suggest death? Does it mean to re announce all your worldly pleasures or something else?

Usually death is known as a release from life not a break, as from a break one shall always return to whatever he/she were doing previously but from a release one shall not come back. So how do you take a “Break”, from life? Is it even possible? In my opinion it is. A break may mean a transit from one form of life to another, its just like leaving the kind of  life you are leading right now and do whatever your heart wants to. Just go on a  rave and do what you like without caring what anybody thinks about it.

A break may even mean a vacation, a long vacation. Like going trekking, hiking or just traveling around the world, observing everything you can. Just be who you want to be, do what you want to do and live your life like its your life, not like you owe your life to some purpose or someone, even if its for a day. This break is meant for everyone but only a few take it.

This break, this vacation may bring out the best in you, refresh your mind and soul and ultimately change your whole personality, making you a better, stronger person, making you, you.

emerson quote.jpg


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