The Silence

His feet grew tired and he came to a halt, not knowing where he was, looking around gave him no clue of his whereabouts. Cold sweat beads covering his forehead, matted hair and eyes wide open. He slowly knelt down and lay on the hard rocky ground closing his eyes, dissipating into oblivion.

Three days earlier Rick Dunham was a wealthy, famous and successful businessman. The world was at his feet, in the Real Estate world there was no bigger name than RD Construction.  He would wave his finger and would get what he wanted, where he wanted and how he wanted it. Now, not so. Closing his eyes calmed him down, he smiled and turned over. Suddenly he was not the man he was before, not even the same man who lay down on the ground a few seconds before, somehow he had changed.

The night sky was clear, thousands of small white dots spread over it, twinkling like cheap chinese lights. Rick’s life whizzed past him like a movie in rewind. He came from a middle-class family, his father owned a small general merchant shop at the corner of the town, his mother managed the household. A year after Rick’s graduation his father passed away and everything started falling apart. His mother used to do both manage the household and the shop. They were running short of money and soon the shop had to be sold to pay the mortgage on the house. Rick found a job as an assistant of a well known architect and constructor, William Beckett.

This was the start of Rick’s own career. Under Beckett he learned everything one has to know about construction. How to gather materials, allocate men according to the jobs available, whom to hire and the most efficient way of having things done. After six years of experience Rick left Beckett and started his own construction company. He rented a small room in the city and it his office. At first there were no clients and Rick’s new found excitement started to dwindle. Day after day he sat there waiting for the front door to open but nothing happened. One day a small stout man came limping in his office. His left eye was closed which gave the impression that he was in great pain, but he was half paralyzed and so couldn’t function properly.He wanted Rick to build him a shopping center in the middle of the city. Rick was thrilled beyond his wildest dreams.

In six months the shopping center was completed and it was a success Rick had never seen his whole life. After that projects came one after the other and in a decade RD Construction was a name to reckon with. He used to live among the most famous and rich people of the time. He married the daughter of the mayor which threw him in the limelight again. Media would follow him wherever he went, whatever he did. He got all he wanted.

Affluence was now habitual to him. One day as he was sitting in a board meeting with some clients Rick started sweating and excused himself. He went to the restroom and splashed his face with cold water. As soon as the the water touched his skin he felt different, he felt alive. He paced out of the restroom towards the main entrance, his driver opened the door to his mercedes but he waved his hand and started running. He ran till dark and reached a deserted field at the outskirts of the city.

When he lay down he realised that this was what he had always wanted, not the fame, the riches, not the pompous parties he used to throw or attend, but this. The peace and calmness, the mystery and eeriness and spookiness the night brought with it, the silence…




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