War Or Peace?

Before letting you decide I’ll like to give you an individual view of both the sides, war and peace.

Let’s start with war. What happens to a nation when it is at war? and I mean total full fledged war. Most of us will visualise devastation, death, and ruin at an immeasurable scale. I’m with you, war brings destruction and destroys everyone involved in it, directly or indirectly. It destroys families, harms the environment and leaves horrifying memories for years to come. But, is war all that bad for a nation? Does war bring only destruction? In my opinion everything has a silver lining, even war. The economy of a nation, the rate of employment, the development done in a nation during war is unmatched. Yes I know that it looks like I’m grabbing at straws here to make a point but think about it, a nation which is preparing for war will boost up its economy in any way it could just to protect its own interest, just to show the world its might and defeat the enemies of the nation.


During World War II, the Nazi controlled Germany flourished like anything, when Hitler came to power the unemployment rate was 30% but the economy soon recovered, the general population started affording cars which were made in country itself, like – Ferdinand Porsche. He encouraged women to join the workforce hence, decreasing unemployment rate.

War, in general is a evil which should vanish from this world we live in but, it has its advantages like everything good or bad does in nature.


Peace is a state at which a nation is going calmly around, doing its “daily chores”, trade is going fine, economy is going through its usual boom and depressions, development is steady and sustainable and the general population is content with almost everything. Of course this is a very rare situation and until everything goes as it is planned total peace is nearly impossible to achieve. Having peace and harmony globally is a very tricky business, we may somehow control the internal factors which affect the nation but, as history has shown us, foreign policy, no matter how lenient it is always ends up causing some problem or the other.

Keeping peace for a prolonged time has its own troubles. For example, the “Pig War”(1859), which was actually fought because of an american citizen shooting a british pig. In today’s world, global peace is a bit more difficult to achieve with everyone running after uranium and developing nuclear weapons just in fear that the neighbouring countries have developed nuclear weapons and they might attack at any time. On certain occasions countries are so terrified by their neighbours that they release daily warnings and threats to detonate a nuclear weapon if someone crosses the LoC (Line Of Control), like Pakistan.

In the end its up to you, the readers to decide which way to go. From where I’m standing, war may bring development and boost the economy but the consequences are too horrifying to imagine, on the other hand global peace is bliss and would do the world far good than anything has done so far if only it was possible to achieve.



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