The Power Of Imagination

Imagination is something everyone of us possess, yes each individual imagines very different things from the person standing next to him. But, then again almost each one of us, whenever we imagine have ourselves as the center of attraction, (except the lovebirds out there). Anyway, as I was saying imagination is something we all have but what we imagine is oceans apart, the word imagination has a wavy ring to it. We all have it, but what we do with it is very different.

In my experience imagination is a lot like memory, it is triggered by some scene, music or time of the year and your mind just starts imagining. I think everyone has their own trigger, it maybe playing a sport, cuddling your dog, returning to your room after a long journey or music. Music as I’ve found is the most common trigger of them all, even when people suffer from amnesia doctors often try to jog back their memory by playing their favourite song. As it happens, my imagination is also triggered by music too.


But is imagination just a figment of our own “imagination”? If you get what I mean. Speaking for myself, I think imagination not only shows us what we want to be but unconsciously pushes us towards our goal, when we imagine of being who or what we want to be, it energises us to do whatever it takes to become what we once imagined.

When you imagine your mind takes you away from this world, to a world that is fully yours, every leaf moves the way you want it to, people do what you want them to and you are the person you always wanted to be. It has a power to make you forget your current worries and problems and makes you smile. And that’s the smile that comes to your face making it glow and making others wonder why you are smiling. They have no idea whatsoever, why you are smiling. See, that’s the funny thing about imagination, once you fall into that enchanted world you just cannot stop, until someone comes and asks, “hey, what’s the reason of that secret smile”, not to mention smirkingly and, it’s impossible for you to explain why.

surreal-painting-by-jim-warren (11).preview.jpg

Yesterday I was just hanging out with some of my friends, when I heard a song I loved and my mind was off. Next moment all my friends were walking off and I was sitting on that park bench, “day-dreaming”, I should confess I loved it. Imagination and dreams have a very thin line separating them and that’s why we shouldn’t only imagine but move a bit towards it everyday to achieve what we imagined.

Just think about it, every book you ever read, every movie you ever saw, the day to day things you use like, touch-screen phones, laptops, internet, the modern world stands on a foundation of imaginations done by people who lived, live along us and you could be the next one to join them, to contribute something by imagining and inventing great.


So to you my dear readers, just keep imagining and let yourself go…



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