WordPress For Beginners

I know many of us can relate to this one as we have all been starters at some point. To be frank, I am starter myself too, I’ve posted around six or seven articles up to now and none of them have so called, “blockbusters”. Let’s start at the beginning and tell you how wordpress is scary at first but slowly and slowly it becomes an addiction.

I signed up for wordpress a while ago, but was not using it as I felt it was one of those social – networking websites where you had to interact with people who say all those fake things like, “you are my best friend”, “you are handsome/beautiful”, etc. but recently as I was free, I opened my WordPress account and saw the “pencil icon” on the top right corner. I clicked the icon and it opened up a page where I could write almost anything, categorize it under different headings, give a cover to my article and even put pictures in between my articles.

As I loved writing short stories and real life incidents from the beginning of school, I started doing the same here too. I have to agree that school was a small step, a small room filled with children who knew me, but here the whole world could read my articles, comment on them and the worst part, criticise them. But after I posted my first article, Anthropocene, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. There was an article with my name on it and the thing I was dreading the most became a matter of pride: my article was online and everyone could read it.

After that it was the only thing I did when I was free, am free and everyday I open WordPress and type a new article I learn a new thing and the added bonus I am able to improve everytime. So, all you beginners out there, I’ll say only one thing the first step is always the hardest but once you get in the habit of writing on WordPress, you will be addicted to it.


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