To Make Your Own

Life has a funny way of working things out.  You maybe running late for some big presentation and when you reach the office you find out that it has been cancelled or postponed, or you might be waiting at a restaurant for someone and that person does not show up and the funniest thing is you or more precisely we make plans for the future son sure we’ll see the sun tomorrow, but that’s life, it hits you in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected time. We might call it an incurable disease, some call it a joyous adventure but everyone no matter how connected they are through similar incidents in life we have a special name, a description of life and that’s what makes us who we are.

The choices we made, the paths took, the paths we make is what creates our own special identity. We have our own limits, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. It’s like we are the same brand but different models, different colours, different feature. Our life is a game simulation where the one who works hard gets all the points but there is also a wicked twist to this story, here even the evil doers are prosperous and live happily.


The world we live in is everything but ideal. So when it comes to it we do what we have to to make a living, have a decent life. Some, who have done their part of hard work help others achieve a decent life, to stand up on their own two legs. These philanthropist are trying to make this world a better place. The general population’s aim is to set-up a system of priorities according to which they would live their whole lives. Like from school to college, then maybe higher education or getting a job, getting financially independent is one of the milestones every young mind wants to cross, after getting a job and knowing from where your next pay-cheque is coming from getting married, starting a family and we are back from where we started.


But, there are some people who are not cut out for this “routine” line of lifestyle. They are adventurous and ready to experiment with life. These people may drop out of school or college, not find forget getting jobs, do what they want and how they want it not caring for the results of their actions and are fearless. All of these things may sound good but sometimes they prove disastrous and may destroy not only theirs but many other lies too but people like these are the people who make a change. People like these take risks, invent things or ways of doing the very thing in a more efficient way than it has ever been done before.


They are like a bitter-sweet symphony, a curse and a boon, they are the visionaries who make their own choices, break away from traditions and start a new cycle altogether. In their own time they have been always criticized but after they have achieved what they wanted to, they were praised and called visionaries of their time. They made their own time, their own lives and while doing so made countless other lives great too.



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