The Lifeline Of Trends

Nothing stays forever is a rule of nature and trends follow this rule as a holy grail. Every second trends change and something new comes in the market to make the public go all gala. I’m not only talking about clothes or fashion but everything that has ever hyped the public and is trending right now will eventually come back to where it all started from, everything does.

Believe it or not  what ever clothes you are wearing, whatever make-up you are putting up, whichever trendy cell-phones we are using, or even what we’re eating or drinking it will change over a short period of a few months. Mostly these changes affect people who are more socially active or are out going. When we observe the pathway any trend takes in the long run after some time they all come back to square one and start over again, it’s like a loop program going in and in till it reaches the start point back again.


Not many have noticed this cycle but no matter who does or does not we are all part of it. At one time or another we all have been crazy about what clothes are in fashion, what make-ups should we put on, which social networking site is trending right now, what kind of foods are trending in the social circle, even some people who are crazy about what is trending go as far as buying some super-soft tissue or antiseptic toilet paper. What we do forget is that in time it will all come back to from where it all began and I’m serious about this even though some examples like models or actresses wearing less and lesser clothes, going “bold” as the media calls it but for the general population it’s like going prehistoric.


Trends could be defined by a computer algorithm which involves various conditions going in a loop which will come eventually back from where it all started. There some people out there who don’t care about these trends and will go out in that old ragged jacket they bought in sale fie years ago, these people just don’t care whether it is 2016 or 2017, its about comfort for these people and they live like they want to, they won’t go running around in circles following the trendy fashion most of us do.

The conclusion is that we all are a part of it, some way or the other we each have or do something that goes in line with the current trend and its not a bad thing, it actually makes us normal and a bit crazy.


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