All These Pick Up Lines!

Recently every movie I watched, every hyped novel I read someone, used a pick up line either trying to impress the girl/boy or the audience. These lines have become ridiculously famous too. I mean will you actually go to someone and say, “your ass is so nice, it is a shame you have to sit on it”,  sorry but that is what people are doing in movies, novels etc. The worse part of it is that some intelligent guys/girls try that too in real life. The other day I was sitting in a park and heard a guy saying to a girl, “you are so fine, I wish I could plant you and grow a field of you”, the girl left.

Whoever invented these lines should write a book named “5 Steps To Murder A Proper, Decent Introduction”, or “How To Make A Complete Fool Of Yourself In 10 Seconds”. No disrespect, but can’t we just stick to the old traditions when we are introducing ourselves? Will a hello, hi, how are you?, good morning, or good to meet you not do better in comparison to, “your face [pause] I like that Shit!”. If someone said that to me I might resolve to physical violence, I mean you just called my face shit.


After getting really flustered by these lines I tried reading some old novels like Sydney Sheldon, Sandra Brown, Julie Garwood etc. and I noticed how elegant and refined it is just to say, “you look good today”, or “hello, how are you?”, call me old-fashioned but I still think it is better than, “you look like thrash, let me take you out”, and yes people do say that you look like thrash just to hangout with you.


The online dating sites aren’t helping much, Tinder recommends that you use “cheesy”, pick up lines to attract people and go out on a date with them. Well, in the end all I’ve learned from these pick up lines is not use them, and just a proper introduction, a hello, a hi or good morning will go further than the cheesiest line out there.


2 thoughts on “All These Pick Up Lines!

  1. Humour is the spice of life. Who are you more likely to remember A guy who said “Hi!” like a dozen others or one who walks upto you , rubs his knee and asks you “Do you happen to have a band-aid Madam, I seem to have scraped my knee falling for you”. What would appeal to a girl more, a boy who says a dull “You look good!” or one who goes wide eyed and says “I believe even the sun today would be jealous of the way you’re shining.”
    I think we need to differentiate between cheezy vs witty & disrespectful vs charming. Presentation plays an important role here. Similar likes can sound sleazy or heart warming depending on how they are rendered. So I guess if you can pull it off without offending the other person go for humour, and if you can’t (mostly the case) its better to stick to the customary greetings.


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