The Last Footprints

In recent years people have been trying to spread awareness of the increase in the rate of extinction of animal species worldwide. The number of animal species extinct is gathering at an alarming speed.  In 2015 a documentary film Racing Extinction was released by some environmental activists. It was aimed to create awareness among the general population about how factors like climate change, deforestation, increase in population, globalisation and poaching. The one hour documentary showed how human beings were just killing these animals in thousands without caring for the consequences it will have on the whole ecosystem.

Since the dawn of humanity animals had to pay with their life for satisfying one need or others. The time of early – man or the neanderthals used animals as foods, their bones for tools, their skin for clothes etc. Since then the use of animals for various human “projects” has increased in variety and more so in numbers. Today the animals are being used to make expensive and not to mention illegal coats from their skin,the tusks of elephants mainly is used as ivory to make different ornaments and that is illegal too, then we are using animal tested cosmetics items which, while testing harms these animals but after testing these animals become miserable and are often killed we are also using wild animals for entertainment in circuses where they kept in cages not fed properly and beaten to obey their “masters”.

animal-testing-propaganda-poster-source.jpg Not only rabbits but many other animals like, guinea pigs, rats, monkeys and even pets like cats and dogs are used for various experiments. These killings are eventually reducing the animal population on earth and more and more species are becoming extinct every year. In the recent years many animals have become extinct, some examples are the Golden Toad(1989), Zanzibar Leopard(1996), Po’ouli(2004), Madeiran Large White(2007), Tecopa Pupfish(1982), West African Black Rhinoceros(2006), Spix’s Macaw(2004), Dutch Alcon Blue Butterfly(1079) and many more.

Even more species are lining up as endangered or being extinct by the end of 2016 itself. Many campaigns have been launched to protect these endangered animals like, cruelty free to ban animal tested products, United For Wildlife, Save animals from extinction, WWF has launched various campaigns in many countries to make people aware how animals are becoming extinct and what they can do to prevent this from happening.


After much debate and world conferences we all come to a conclusion that the animal world is in grave danger and even though there have many campaigns in the recent years many animal species have gone extinct in the last decade and many more will if we don’t do something very soon.




4 thoughts on “The Last Footprints

  1. Extinction and animal testing are very different issues. Extinction is brought about by indiscriminate killing of endangered species for fur, teeth or bones, often in the name of miraculous cure. Animal testing uses animals like rats and rabbits which breed at a very high rate and share certain characteristics with humans. Animal testing is essential for development of a cure for diseases and epidemics, but only to minimize human fatality. Would you rather have a family member die of untested medicine?
    Lets also look at the numbers. Rats and Rabbits, the animals used for testing, multiply very rapidly and generally only one out of 10 survives to the age of maturity in their natural habitat. If not controlled rat populations can overrun a town (remember pied piper of Hamlin). Also more animals end up on human plates everyday than those who die during testing in an year. I do agree the suffering of an animal should be minimized and we should work towards that goal but banning animal testing is only going to lead to more human fatalities, SO unless you are ready to jeopardize the health of your loved ones stop asking for a ban on animal testing.


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