Letting Your Soul Go…

Recently I was telling a young inquisitive boy about the renaissance and how it happened. Something hit me while I was revisiting the past, it was something which in the following the days affected my life and changed it in a way I didn’t imagine. The realisation was that the renaissance was nothing more than the general public just letting themselves live like they had never before.

Be it Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo,  Filippo Brunelleschi,  Galileo Galileo or William Shakespeare himself just expressed what was suppressed for years unknown. It was a simultaneous outburst of emotions over a span of  a few years. Everyone possessed talents of different kinds and when they got freed from various factors that had suppressed them namely, the church and the monarchs, they just did what they wanted to and so was born the very world we live in.

Taking this as an example I conducted an experiment in my own life. As a kid I always did what people around me thought I should do, always trying to please them, but after realising that if I accept what I love to do I would do better I started practising this. I started small, I started listening to the kind of music and songs I love and not what my brother liked or anyone else and after sometime I somehow enjoyed songs more than I had ever done. Then I started reading the kind of novels I like, I started watching movies I liked and in the end I wrote what I liked.

The conclusion of this little adventure of mine was that I became aware of how I was limiting myself and was blocking all the enjoyment in my life, it was a life changing experience for me and for once I could say that history taught me something, it taught me how to let my soul go…


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