Anthropocene, or the age of mankind is rapidly changing the world in almost all spheres of life, but when it comes to it and we stop and look around us the normal human nature is is that we ask ourselves is it good or bad?

Are the effects of this advancement of our species having an all-round positive or negative effect?  Is our species using its modernity, its ability to reason for its own selfish needs without thinking of its consequences or are we having a well balanced development?

In my experience, the answer to this question s not what any of us would expect. The answer to this simple question is that we are doing both, developing and protecting our surroundings but, the former always predominates. The rate of developing is far more than the rate of preserving, the number of people trying to protect is far less. As a result of this we are increasing the danger of exhausting our natural resources, the rate of extinction of animals has increased and the forest cover is depleting at an alarming rate every second. So I ask once more, is this how we want to make our print on our planet, is anthropocene an age of destruction?


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